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Dec 30 '12
Mine at last! Ivanka Trump Patent leather Pumps.

Mine at last! Ivanka Trump Patent leather Pumps.

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Dec 29 '12

New Year… New You

                       Make 2013 your year. Take control, set goals, and own it.


  1. New Years Resolution:  Here’s your fresh start to be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and live happily.  Make 2013 your fairytale year.
  2. Ring it in the right way:  Celebrate with family, friends, and loved ones.  Surround yourself by people who motivate you, support you, and want what’s best for you.
  3. Stick to it: Come up with a long-term plan and keep your eye on the prize.  You will be amazed with how much you could accomplish if you put your mind to it. 

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Dec 27 '12

Why Bother with Two Twitter Accounts?


Do you utilize Twitter to reach a certain audience, share ideas, or promote a product? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe flooding your friends timelines with information that doesn’t pertain to them can be annoying? Well, that’s why I have made two separate twitter accounts.

Keep reading if you’re interested in why two Twitter accounts can become necessary at times: 

  1. Not everyone has the same interestes: For this very reason, I choose to share PR ideas, celebrity gossip, motivational quotes, and more on my @AlyssaPR Twitter page.  People that follow this account most likely have the same interests and follow my PR account for that reason. However, people that follow my personal account, @alyssaamoroso may get annoyed with information that doesn’t spark their interest. 
  2. keep your personal life / work life separate:  I strongly believe in this.  Your Twitter account that is accessible for the public should be clean, classy, and business-like.  Your personal Twitter is where you could get creative with song lyrics, tonights plans, and anything else.  
  3. Twitter is easily accessible: Bow down to the iPhone.  The Twitter App makes it easy to switch between Twitter accounts with the touch of a button. Easy, fast, and fun! 

Still not convinced?  Check out my two accounts to note the difference! @Alyssa PR & @alyssaamoroso 

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Dec 27 '12
Sometimes you just need to give in… #YSL

Sometimes you just need to give in… #YSL

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Nov 26 '12

Happy Cyber Monday!

Get your credit cards ready!

1, 2, 3……………….SWIPE.

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Nov 4 '12


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Oct 1 '12

Fashion & Beauty By AlyssaPR:

I’m always taking to Twitter and Instagram to share my look of the day, so I’ve compiled some pictures here along with explaining the method to my madness! Enjoy! 

Where I find inspiration: Celebrities, Online boutiques, Magazines, Instagram, The streets on New York City, Pinterest 

Where I shop: Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Tobi, Zara, H&M, Lf Stores

XX Alyssa 

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Oct 1 '12

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Oct 1 '12

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Oct 1 '12

Once Upon October

Happy October 1st PR Gals. Since a full month of greatness is upon us, let me tell you why this month is especially kick-ass.

Bundle Up: Sweaters, scarves, boots, layers, NEED I SAY MORE? Mixing and matching take a drab outfit to fab fast.  

Drink Up: Cinnamon-spiced coffee, hot apple cider, and pumpkin lattes are the perfect drinks to cozy up to.

Dress Up: Find a creative costume and let your hidden alter ego run wild— be the best dressed at the costume party. 

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Sep 26 '12

Must Have

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Sep 24 '12
I&#8217;ve been obsessing over this little mush since I first saw her photographed about 3 Fashion Week&#8217;s ago.  I guess being Alexander Wang&#8217;s niece has its perks. 

I’ve been obsessing over this little mush since I first saw her photographed about 3 Fashion Week’s ago.  I guess being Alexander Wang’s niece has its perks. 

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